Monday, 30 January 2012

General History of Goldsmiths and New Cross area

Very basic historical dates - will look further into the 'playing field'

1843 - Royal Navy College (main building)

1891 - the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths established its Technical and Recreative Institute for educational opportunities for people living in the New Cross area (mainly the working class)

1904 - Goldsmiths College is acknowledged as part of the University of London

1907 - Art School established at Goldsmiths College by Sir Reginald Blomfield

Dec' 1940 - main building is bombed and consequently burnt down by German RAF

New Cross:

July 1952 - the last London tram was driven from Woolwich to New Cross depot

1977 - "Battle of Lewisham" - British National Front clash with militant anti-fascist forces and are driven out of the area

18th January 1981 - 13 yong black people are killed in a fire at a party on New Cross road. Political motivated mobilisation of black people (biggest ever seen in England) as a result of how the investigation into the deaths was handled by the police