Thursday, 26 April 2012

Goldsmiths & HSBC Archives invite you to Archiving the Present 

Friday 4th May, 11:00-13:00, Level 40 room 2 

You are most welcome to join us for a morning of presentations on the History of the Docklands on Friday 4th May.  This discursive event is part of an ongoing collaboration between five students from Goldsmiths (MA Art and Politics) and the community of Millwall in partnership. 
HSBC was founded in 1865 and many of its earliest customers were merchants with strong trade links stretching between South East Asia and the West. The Port of London was at the very heart of this activity and herein lies an interesting connection with Millwall FC. The football club was originally founded near to Canary Wharf by the workers of J.T. Morton's canning and preserve factory in 1885. The ground has moved 6 times since then, and is now located in South Bermondsey; but its strong roots with the Docklands are not forgotten. 

This event will celebrate the historical importance of our surroundings in Canary Wharf; drawing on HSBC's Archives and material from the London Docklands Museum. As this is part of a collaborative research project there will be opportunity for dialogue and discussion between presentations. 

The event is now fully book but any documentation, photos and comments from the event will be posted on here.

A snippet from HSBCs website advertising Friday's event. 

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